Counselling support if a person in your life has passed away:  Grief and loss can be lonely and confusing to navigate.  Having someone outside the situation can help you to express yourself more easily and grasp the complexity of your feelings.  I would be privileged to sit with you and assist you to understand what is happening mentally, physically and emotionally for you.

Every person experiences grief in their own unique way.  It is important you give yourself permission to grieve in a way that works for you and not be pressured by people around you to fit into a mould that suits them.  People often find it difficult to know how to deal with those around them who are grieving; this is when an empathic, caring counsellor can  be of great benefit.  

Pet Owners:  I truly believe pets, regardless of their species or size are pieces of heaven.  They have a special ability to show us love, and bring out the love within us.

I have experienced both kindness and judgment when dealing with the loss of my pets. Acts of kindness have been a balm for my soul, whilst judgment is like a splinter in an already wounded heart.  For that reason alone, I will never judge you.  

I believe grief and loss over losing our fur babies, feathered babies, scaly babies, or whatever form your pet baby comes in, can be traumatic. A friend who knows and loves you, just as you are, is a rare form of intimacy. Losing that friend can be heartbreaking, lonely and confusing.

Veterinary care workers:  I've never been a veterinary care worker and don't pretend to understand the stress you deal with on a daily basis.  I greatly respect the work you do. I am aware of the prevalence of mental health issues and the unsettling high suicide rate in your industry.

I will accept you where you're at and give you space to explore and understand yourself more fully.  Knowing you can talk confidentially to someone, outside the industry, who will not judge you can, in itself, be reassuring and healing.