Without casting blame, just as a matter of course, we are taught from a young age to conform and not to feel or think certain ways in order to "fit in" to societal norms.  The outcome of this can be poor knowledge of, or trust in ourselves.  Other traumatic life events can cause deeper wounding, causing us to lose sight of who we really are.

I believe an essential part of learning to know yourself comes with noticing and acknowledging what you feel, without judgement.  Self-acceptance is the key to authentic self-love and love for others.  

Also realising you were created perfectly and have a divine essence at your very core (authentic self) can empower you to realise you can re-parent or provide guidance to yourself in the areas where you struggle due to having been deeply hurt.  I will help you to learn to be there for yourself, and to have your own back.

This may all sound a little "freaky" or "out there" - at least that's what I used to think when I heard terms like "authentic self" or "self-love."  I believe we have this reaction simply because we have not been taught about these aspects of ourselves, and how imperative they are.



 Do you know you spend more time with yourself than any other person?    Wherever you go...there you are!  Is this a pleasant or unpleasant experience for you?  Have you heard the term self-empowerment and wondered what it really means? 

 I know what it's like to struggle with self-doubt and low self-esteem.  However, having these struggles, and having to find ways through them, has helped me to know myself more fully, which in turn helps me to help you.  

Are you tired of feeling insecure in relationships and needing the approval of others to feel validated and worthwhile?  Do you keep choosing the same types of "unsafe" partners, without realising you are doing so, until you find yourself enmeshed in yet another disappointing, hurtful relationship?  

If so, it may be your time to start a relationship with the one person who has been there all along, the one person who will never let you down...YOU!  I truly believe we cannot be happy in, or out of, relationship with others without having a deep knowledge and appreciation of ourselves.  

By FIRSTLY knowing you are worthy and lovable, because you give that to yourself, you will then attract someone who treats you the way you deserve to be treated. 



Good question!!   I believe we've learned to derive purpose and significance from what we DO, rather than who we ARE.   Society reinforces this at every turn.  

Ultimately, who you are is more important than what you do.  There is nobody like you, and never will be ever again!

When you learn to listen to your inner voice, and know and trust yourself more fully, your purpose will become clearer.  You are unique and have a unique raison d'être.